Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out of City, Into Mind

The Henchmen had a sojourn out to Montreal the other day to enjoy a show and innagurated its first DHS Sketchbook for invention, creation and exploration of ideas and styles. Here's a few highlights from our work that night!

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's been a whirlwind of activity within the minds of the Digital Henchmen since the launch party. We've delved into a few pitch package ideas to start giving our look on storytelling to the market. Be on the lookout for them, we'll no doubt post a few of our sketches and concepts from them right here on the blog! Branching out has been the name of the game these last few months, handing out business cards and prepping media packages to hand out to local businesses to show the goods and spread the word. We had a possible gig with the fellows over at Beavertails but unfortunately came shy of sealing the deal. We've found it a bit hard to really communicate what benefits come with a service like web media and marketing but each wednesday meeting we have we touch a bit more on the subject and find ourselves honing down that blade to cut through the hazy red tape that keeps us from our goal. Contact has been made on a few other fronts and the chances to grab our next project is slowly forming. We're keeping our fingers crossed. It's the best and the worst time to be creating a business but I have faith because what we make is just to good to die.

Talk to you later folks,

Darren Bird.